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Upside Donates 200K Masks To University of Southern California


We specialize in procedural masks

Due to COVID-19, many companies in unrelated industries have temporarily transitioned to supplying protective equipment while maintaining their original operations. We are the only business that solely focuses the manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality procedural masks.

We're reliable, efficient and transparent

We continue to supply over 25 States within the continental United States. Our high reorder points allow us to hold large reserves for existing customers while still serving the needs of new ones. Don’t hesitate to inquire about our supply chain or product validity— it is our first priority to earn your trust and showcase our expertise in this fast and ever changing market for Surgical Masks.

The upside MISSION
To raise the bar for post COVID-19 personal protection suppliers by developing transparent relationships with our customers, prioritizing U.S. quality & compliance standards and, most importantly, to over deliver on our promises.




What are they?

Surgical masks are fluid-resistant, disposable, and loose-fitting devices that create a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and the immediate environment.

They are for use in surgical settings and do not provide full protection from inhalation of airborne pathogens, such as viruses.

The Importance of Quality in 3-Ply Face Masks

Not all disposable face masks are created equal. More often than not, low quality melt-blown filters are used without proper testing and retesting. As a result, manufacturer's cannot guarantee consistent protection standards or any protection at all.

U.S Based ASTM F2100 Testing Ensures:

  • Reliable test methods and procedures
  • Verifiable test reports through testing facilities
  • Transparency in testing equipment and conditions
  • Trustworthy results showcasing face masks true efficacy

ISO9001 & ISO13485 Certificates Ensure:

  • Face masks are continuously made to the same high standard
  • Face masks are made at facilities that manufacture medical devices (and not other products like toys)
  • Processes in place to proactive improve quality management systems
  • Investment and dedication to manufacturing medical devices to global standards
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