About Upside Health Inc.
Serving millions of Americans and countless frontline responders with essential protective equipment.

Upside Health Inc. is a privately owned 3-Ply developer, importer and distributor serving over 25 states nationwide. Our experience is derived from our Pan-Pacific OEM & ODM manufacturing giant Meridian Intl.


To be America’s pre-eminent disposable face mask supplier. That is our service to the American people and those fighting the crisis on the frontlines.

To be the leader driving responsible and accessible supply of U.S. tested face masks across all 50 States. That is our commitment to our society and future.


We control our entire supply chain

Onsite Quality Control
We have two quality control specialists stationed at our manufacturer at all times. Our investment in quality control ensures our products will be compliant for exports, imports, but most importantly, it will guarantee our products safe to use and produced to the same quality each time.
Export Experience
Our Shanghai-based global manufacturing company Meridian Intl. exports over 15,000 containers per year. Our unrivaled experience gives us the capacity to fulfill long-term contracts with near perfect on-time delivery rates.
Reliable Imports
We’re one of the few FDA registered Importers, Distributors and Spec-Developers of medical devices. Having proper registrations allows us to stay in direct contact with Federal Agencies to streamline our imports. After proper customs clearances, our inventory is then forwarded to our warehouse in Irvine, CA where it’s then ready for immediate fulfillment.
Our industry experts follow FDA guidance and export/import policies on a daily basis to ensure our products exceed global standards.
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