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3-Ply Procedural Mask Spec Sheets

We provide 3 levels of procedural masks to cater to all of your needs. They provide protection for low to heavy amount of fluid, spray, and/or aerosols. Our masks were designed to be worn for long periods of time with strong support and a proper fit.

Skin Sensitivity Testing

Upside Health Inc. tests our masks internationally and domestically to ensure the utmost safety and compliance. We will never mislead customers by referencing incomparable GTTC Chinese lab testing with significant variance in results and missing test methods. We’re here to supply the highest quality masks, in compliance with the highest standards.

Medical Device Manufacturing Certificates

Our certifications ensure the implementation of the highest level of medical device Quality Management System. By testing our raw materials and final goods, we can guarantee that our products meet our high standards every time. These certifications help us reinforce our commitment to top-level service and quality compliance.

Miscellaneous Documents

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